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harvest moon confessions

Full Confession:

One of the biggest reasons I loved RF4 was Doug. For a little background info as to why, I’ll admit that I also loved a game called Tales of the Abyss. The protagonist of that game has a personality almost identical to Doug’s, as well as being voiced by Yuri Lowenthall. At the end of that game, it’s heavily implied that he dies, and I was pretty much heartbroken. When I started playing RF4, seeing Doug almost made me feel like I could see him again.

Full Confession:

After learning that Eda would die later on in SoS it scared me away and I started a new game on the second save slot. I’m too scared of letting people go without putting up a fight. But after thinking about it I decided to play anyway and learn to let her go. Even if she doesn’t have a huge meaning to me, she is the farmer who lives next to me and cheers me on and calls me dearie. Her loss will create a hole in my heart.

I love the dating mechanics in RF4, I love how you can date more than one person until you decide who you want to marry–but I hate the actual marriage mechanics, especially if you’re a girl. I’ve been waiting months in-game for Leon or Arthur to propose. At this point I don’t even care which one it is, I just want to get married so I can finally have a kid!

I am going to buy SoS soon, and although I am really excited and looking forward to playing it, part of me does not want to play. I’m afraid that if I play too much the game might become boring, and I want to enjoy it for a very long time.

In the last year of my cat’s life, he became blind, thin, and his mind started to slip. However, he still loved laps. When I sat down to play RF:F on my gaming chair, I would smother myself in blankets and then sit him on my lap and cover him up to keep him warm. I would play that game with him snuggled on my lap for hours. Rune Factory Frontier will always remind me of him.

I struggle with an eating disorder. One day Volkanon made a comment encouraging me to eat every day, and even gave my character some food just during everyday conversation. It was the first time a video game has made me cry. It’s one of the reasons RF4 is so dear to my heart.

Whenever I play an Bokumono game, I always choose who I’m gonna romance before I start playing. I didn’t do this when started playing RF4 and now I’m stuck with an engagement ring I crafted myself and 6 boyfriends who have already proposed to me that I had to turn down out of indecision. It’s time like this where I unrealistically wish for a harem option…

I absolutely love the art style that Story of Seasons has. Everyone looks so beautiful, romantic, and detailed!

I played Animal Parade again for the first time in probably four years and I literally started crying because of the nostalgia. None of the games since have gotten to me the way AP did- even just playing it made me feel so much lighter and happier. I still haven’t found another game that has moved me in the same way.

I can never choose between the bachelors/bachelorettes in each game. They’re all just so nice and charming! So in most of the games I’ve played, I never end up marrying anyone.

My first HM game was IoH, and I have grown rather fond of the characters. It saddens me to think that there will not be any more games starring them, and I would love to see them in a new game.

I recently got into a relationship with Julius and it really makes me happy. He sorta makes me feel better about myself, he’s just too handsome to be with someone who can’t compare to his beauty, so I have to look at least decent, right? So yeah, this really makes me feel better.

In SoS, I’d rather have the player character adopt Witchie and Dessie than have kids of their own.

I just started play RF3. I decided that the one who’ll become my wife is Sakuya or Carmen. But later, I found myself becoming attached to Karina as I become a loyal customer to her shop. I think that she’s actually really sweet and her laziness just makes her more adorable.

Even though I really liked Forte and Meg, I wanted to play as a girl first and marry Doug. I couldn’t regret it more. Now, I don’t have that urge to play again and in the end I didn’t marry neither of the girls I actually wanted to. It also happens in HM sometimes but this time it hurt for real, so I’ll just play as a boy and marry the girls from now on.